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The Hungry Club! Guest Speaker Mr. Luis Marcos CEO Mya Economic Development Corp

The Hungry Club is a monthly lunch, held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at nationally renowned Big Mama’s Kitchen in Omaha, Ne. Since 2012 Black Men United’s founder and CEO, Willie Hamilton has been moderating the Hungry Club. It brings speakers of local and national interest, who present for an hour on a topic of significance for all of the Omaha metro area and for the north Omaha community as well. The Hungry Club is held in an intimate setting which allows lunch attendees to ask questions and have a good discussion with the presenter. To date it has held congressional debates, Federal and State senate and house representatives, local community leaders, elected officials, educators, business owners, economic development experts, holistic healing and medical experts be guest speakers. This event is open to the public, everyone is welcome and invited to attend.

Mr. Luis Marcos is our guest speaker July 3, 2024. He is the CEO of Maya Economic Development Corporation and Communidad Maya Pixan Ixim (CMPI). They have recently merged with Gus Von Roenn’s Omaha Permaculture where Gus is the Chief Operating Officer. MEDC is an Omaha nonprofit that was created to promote the health and wellbeing of Mayans in ways that are consistent with their worldview, spirituality, and system of social organization.

Luis is dedicated to sharing Mayan’s history and culture with Nebraskans, not to awaken shame or guilt in the learner, but to build a common understanding and to create something better for their community.

“Pixan Ixim emerges from the understanding that the Maya is a very sophisticated civilization. People say we disappeared, but we have never disappeared. We have always been here,” Marcos said. “It’s about understanding the history of our dehumanization, our spirituality, and our worldview, the wars, cycles of violence, policies of extermination, exclusion, and forced assimilation of states on our traditional homeland.”

***The Hungry Club is open to the public. Everyone is welcome***

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